Google search tips everyone should know

We all search on Google. It’s the most powerful search engine. But there are certain Google search tips that we probably don’t know very well. Knowing all the search techniques can make our search extremely powerful. And it will help us pinpoint the information we want from billions of websites.

You might already know some of these techniques, but I’m compiling a list here which will certainly help us all.

Search for exact text

Bound your search terms inside double quotes to search for the exact text in the correct order. For example, when you’re writing an email, imagine there’s a term so as to. You don’t know if it’s grammatically correct. You just google the term within the quotes. “so as to” That may return many pages in which it’s used exactly like that. There are several other situations this technique may come handy.

Search within a particular website

Imagine you are trying to find a post on Quora. You have to search within that site only. Include the search term insite:url before your search term. The exact search term will be is homeopathy scientific

Search the term in the URL

When you have to search in the url for a particular search term, this will come handy. The url for this site is When you have to search for all the sites with these three terms in the url, use this term. inurl:google search tips

This is done for filtering out irrelevant results and to display only most relevant results.

Searching for a particular file type

This is applicable when you’re searching for a particular file type. For example, imagine that you’re searching for a pdf file. Use the search term filetype:pdf before your search terms.  The complete search term will be like this, filetype:pdf android architecture It will show a page containing the results that point to pdf files only. This is applicable for other file types also, like ppt, doc etc.

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