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We’re living in a generation that is being revolutionized by online learning. The learning of the past is slowly dying and a new era of digital learning is arising. The so-called MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) are gaining huge popularity. There are several advantages to this approach of online learning than the conventional classroom style learning. Here in this article, we’re examining the perks and pitfalls of the MOOCs.

Features of online learning:

Convenient timing

Most of the MOOCs want you to put in a certain amount of time, but it can be done at your convenience. Some of the courses are self-paced while others have a start time and end time. You’re supposed to finish your course in the stipulated time interval for those courses which are not self-paced.

The place of learning

With MOOCs, you can learn in your room, or on a bus while you commute to your office. It’s your convenience. Unlike the conventional style of learning, you don’t have to be present in a place to learn.

Mobile access

Almost all the MOOC providers have mobile applications for Android and iOS. It’s really a convenience when you can’t access a PC all the time.

The cost of learning

Most of the courses, you can study for free. However, if you want a verified certificate, you will have to pay. The pricing depends on the course and provider.

The learning pace

For most of the courses, you can learn at your own pace. If you’re a fast learner, you can finish the course real quick, or if you wish to learn it slow you can do that. It all depends on your pace of learning.

The courses are updated

For a typical university, it’s difficult to update the courses very often. They follow a fixed syllabus. It’s an advantage for online learning. Most of the courses are updated to include the latest information. And follow the updated syllabus based on the changes in the industry.

For example, the Java 9 was released recently. There are already a lot of courses which teaches Java 9.

Socializing is difficult

This is a serious disadvantage for online learning. It’s very difficult to socialize with others. Although there are communities and discussion forums, it’s very hard to achieve it like colleges/classrooms.


Here is a list of major MOOC providers:











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