Which programming language to learn?

It is the first question that might pop up in one’s mind when he/she starts to learn programming. Which programming language to learn?

which programming language to learnWell, the simple answer is, “it depends”. There’s no language which I can suggest and tell you, “this is the perfect one, you learn this”. It’s not like that. It all depends on what you’re trying to accomplish. What are you learning programming for? This is the list I’ve compiled, of the programming languages which are in wide use today. Many languages like Pearl, PASCAL etc. are already dead. And languages like Visual Basic are dying, you don’t want to learn them. Here are the languages that are widely used today. And their scope is not going to be diminishing anytime soon.


1. Python

Created in around 1990s, we are seeing the scope and application of Python rocketing up in the recent years. The reason is the use of Python in data science. Although it can be used as a general-purpose programming language, it’s mainly used in data science. The reason is the number of libraries that are built for this purpose. It uses an interpreter. That means the programs are interpreted on the fly. The primary advantage of Python is its simplicity of syntax. It gets rid of the so-called boilerplate code.

2. R

R is another language widely used in data science. This is because of its data visualization capabilities. So, if you’re learning a language to be used in data science applications, learning either Python or R is a good idea.

3. Kotlin

Kotlin is the newest language in this lest. It is developed by Jetbrains, the company which developed Intellij IDEA, Pycharm etc. It’s a comparatively┬ánewer language. The importance of Kotlin is that Google announced that it will be an official language for Android development. So, it will be to Android what is swift to iOS. The kotlin programs can be run on a JVM. Like Python, it’s syntactically simple.

4. Swift

Swift is the language for developing iOS applications. The apps we see on iPhone or iPad are developed using Swift. So, if you’re planning to develop iOS apps, Swift is the language to learn.

5. Java

The power of Java is its platform independence. The same Java program you write in windows can be run on Linux or Mac provided Java Virtual Machine is installed on systems. Java is used in a wide variety of applications including web development, desktop applications, Android development etc. It’s owned by Oracle Inc. They’ve recently rolled out Java 9.

6. C

C was a prominent language once. But has the popularity of the language eroded over time? No, C is still a prominent language. The main reason is the speed of execution. No other language can match the speed of execution of C programs.

7. C++

C++ combines the advantages of C language and object-oriented programming. Learning C++ is still a good idea because still the applications like Android Native Development (NDK) require you to know C/C++.

Here are the things you should consider for deciding which programming language to learn:

1. What do you want to achieve?

This is the prime factor to consider.Choice of a particular programming language depends on what you want to do with it.

2. Level of difficulty

Although it’s a fact that the syntax of some languages can be pretty simple, programming with it is gonna get more and tougher as you learn more. It’s not difficult, but you have to be persistent.

So, Which programming language to learn?

Based on what you want to achieve, you have to select which programming language to learn. It’s often a good idea to learn more than a language. If you’re a CS major, you will have to learn more than one language in your course. To become a good coder, you don’t need a CS degree. What I’m trying to convey is, you may have to learn more than one language based on your requirement.

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